And the award for Best Eco Product goes to ….

ImageWe want to start this Year off by saying thank you to every one of you who voted for the Living Naturally Super Concentrated Soapnut Laundry Liquid in the Your Healthy Living Magazine Awards!! We were quite surprised as we knew there was lots of competition, but so chuffed with our award for Best Eco Product!

Here’s a comment from our Director, Socrates Ioannides:

” At Living Naturally we always make sure that the products we sell are products that we would use ourselves. Guilt-free, knowing that we are not damaging the environment, not polluting the water cycle, not polluting our homes or ourselves and which are also cruelty-free. We strongly believe in – People and the environment first, profits second! As the father of a child who suffers with Autism and whose body is unable to get rid of toxins from his body, clean toxin-free living is more than just a lifestyle choice. But we can see that it is a choice more people are making because they are becoming more aware of the ingredients in the products they use and consume and are demanding something better! And we say good for them! “

So huge thanks and look out this year for more amazing things to come!