Our Very First Festival Of Life

Shambhu Tasty Vegan Food

We were at the Festival Of Life in Holborn on the weekend. The day was packed with so much that we didn’t actually get to experience a fraction of it. There was loads of music going on in Red Lion Square and people were being fed by Shambu’s. The workshops going on in Conway Hall were quite popular, and featured interesting topics like The Zeitgeist Movement , Lots of stuff about Raw Food, Healing and even How to make a flourles Chocolate cake, not to mention the conscious dance party that started once the stall holders were all kicked out.

From what we did see…here is what we liked…

We met Zenith Milner who was raising awareness about Palm Oil and how unsustainable palm oil is so bad. Zenith is doing a talk on Wednesday this week if you are interested. Zenith has a list of thing to do to be part of the solution: Write to your MP, lessen your use of palm oil, spread the word…For more info email zenithtoday@yahoo.co.uk

Gina Panayi @ The Raw Greek

The Raw Greek! We bought some raw honey from the mountains of nortehrn Greece from these guys (very tasty!) and only after the show realised that we should have bought their raw cookbook! They also had Tahini, dried tomatoes, and amongst all the treats I also saw some toothpaste! For anyone who likes greek food and their health – have a look at this cookbook for healthy raw greek recipes. www.therawgreek.com

Amaaazing Choc cake at Inspiral!

We also got to taste the amazing treats at the Inspiralstand…but even more amazing was their Raw Chocolate Cake. There was a queue for it and I thought I missed out on it until one of the very lovely girls at the stall produced a brand new box. This was by far the tastiest chocolate cake I have ever had and best of all it was raw, vegan, sugar free and gluten free!

In fact I would say it was worth going to the Festival Of Life just for Inpirals’s choc cake if nothing else! Or you can just check them out in Camden :0)