Have you got FOMO? Here is some stuff you missed at UK AWARE…


UK AWARE - Mar 25th / 26th 2011

For all those with a fear of missing out…Living Naturally Soapnuts were at UK AWARE this weekend…and WOW was I tired after the show! It was a great show, we got to meet lots of similarly-minded people, some loyal customers like Dani and we learned lots of new stuff! Also we got to showcase some of our new products like our Soapnut Powder and our Natural Stain Remover Bar, which were very poular! Here are some of my show highlights…

Hubcap Creatures

Hubcap Creatures

Hubcap Creatures

Opposite us was this fantastic guy who made the most amazingly intricate Hubcap Creatures. Hubcap creatures are made entirely from re-cycled materials. All the hubcaps are found, usually on the side of the road, and therefore bear the scars of their previous lives in the form of scratches and abrasions. I believe these marks add texture and history to the creatures they decorate, and so choose not to fill, overpaint or alter them in any way. Ptolemy says…”My fish try to say things about our wasteful society and about our prejudices towards value. Hopefully they will encourage people to reconsider before they discard something which apparently has no purpose.”

BPA Free Water Bottles!

A Fine Choice BPA Free Stainless Steel Bottles

A Fine Choice BPA Free Stainless Steel Bottles

Now anyone following me on Twitter knows I am always tweeting about Bisphenol-A and how it leaches from plastic bottles and is so bad for your health. BPA is a compound which is used to make polycarbonate plastic. BPA was banned by the European Commission and cannot be used in baby bottles in the European Union. The commission cited fears that the compound could affect development and immune response in young children.

So I was very happy to be standing next to A Fine Choice at the show. AFC (not Arsenal) is run by Daniela Schaffrik, who helped me pick out my very own Green Bottle. If you know anything about BPA and are looking for an eco long-lasting bottle for your kids to go to school or for yourselves that won’t affect your health then check A Fine Choice out! They also have a fundraising idea for schools…The Green Bottleā„¢ Fundraising will help you raise money for schools and charities through the sale of our eco-friendly products with a 20% cashback.

Defend the animals!

Animal Defenders International

Animal Defenders International

We also got to meet Eti & Krystal at Animal Defenders International. This is a fantastic charity campaigning for animals all around the world. I learned some horrific things about soft leather and how they get it (they beat the animals until the skin becomes puffy then they skin them…ugh!) I also learned about animal abuse by individual farmers as well as circus organisers…get educated peeps!

Doug Disposal Anyone?

Doug Disposal @ Disposal Know How

Doug Disposal @ Disposal Know How

Does anyone know Doug Disposal? There is a great site called Disposal Know How and they were at the show too! This is a site you need to bookmark if you are 100% committed to recycling. Fantastic site about recycling everything…even the new energy efficient light bulbs! Top Tip…please recycle these light bulbs as they contain toxic mercury and will eventually pollute our water if you just dump them in your normal rubbish. Heavy metals like mercury can lead to txicity in the brain…Alzheimers…Autism…I’m just saying…

The guys on the stand were also giving away ‘Eat Well, Waste Less – An A-Z guide to using leftovers’…Free book from Kensington & Chelsea Council…Nice!

Eco Chic!

Ecosheek Organic Cotton Bags

Ecosheek Organic Cotton Bags

And finally I managed to pick up a lovely very chic shopper bag from sarah at EcoSheek Bag Company. The bags are great and not expensive, and Sarah does wholesale for all those wondering…great gifts, picnic bags, laptop cases (saw these very sophis!) etc. EcoSheek designs and makes high quality bespoke organic bags while actively developing and suporting sustainable, ethical supply chain solutions.

We also saw our friends at Fill Your Pants, who were sharing a stand with other real nappy peeps: Cheeks and Cherries, Nappy Ever After, Hush-A Bye-Baby and Coverdry.

Had a great show, and if you didn’t go never mind go and check these guys out anyway:)

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